Sunday, April 3, 2011

General Conference

So... just so everybody knows... it was general conference this weekend. I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE. Not because I'm super extremely crazily LDS, or because that's the only thing I look forward to in my life. But it provides me with this time where I can just relax and let my beliefs just flow over me. If you don't like general conference that's okay... because I do have something that you will like. And if you don't you're super lame.


Anyways, I'm sure you've all heard of Rebecca Black's Friday. If not, edify your life and watch it here. It will be the most amazing 3:48 minutes of your life you'll ever have.

Did you watch it now? Good. Just in case you were wondering I was being extremely sarcastic up there. However I figured I'd make the song about a billion times better. And I was bored. So this is what I made up. If you want to go read the original lyrics, and see how much my song trumps them... they are located roundabouts here.

Here is my new song. Or parody... It's called Sunday.

Ten am turnin on my radio, gotta get a signal gotta listen. Gotta have the spirit gotta have the reverence. Seeing all the speakers the time is coming. Gotta turn on the TV too gotta find the channel, I see the Prophet! Sitting in the red chairs, standing at the pulpit. Gotta make my mind up how should I listen to his talk? It's Sunday Sunday general conference Sunday. Looking forward to the speakers speakers. Sunday Sunday general conference Sunday. Everybody's ready for the prophet to speak... Listening listening (yeah!) or watching watching (yeah!) fun fun fun fun looking forward to the second session! One forty five we're back at our TV. Sittin here waiting we want time to fly. Fun fun think about fun you know what it is. I got pens you got paper. We're gonna take some notes. I got pens you got paper we're going to feel the spirit! Listening on the radio, watching on the TV. Gotta make my mind up how should I listen? Yesterday was Saturday (Saturday) today it is Sunday (Sunday) we we we so excited. We so excited. It's general conference again! Tomorrow is Monday and Tuesday comes after wards. That means general conference will be done! But it's Sunday Sunday general conference Sunday...

Best thing ever? I thought so too. That's all.

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  1. haha love it Whit! Your version is so much better! haha love ya! :)


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